Memorial Trees & Benches

Memorial Trees

Trees may be donated to the Fruit & Spice Park in memory of loved ones. A black plastic tag may be attached to the tree. The tag should not exceed 4” X 6” and should have routed white letters. Trees selected must be approved by the Fruit & Spice Park Manager. The trees will be planted by Park staff.

Memorial Benches

The Fruit & Spice Park is in need of garden benches. They must be selected by the Fruit & Spice Park Manager in order to maintain consistency in the garden. These benches are of a classic design but made of steel with a durable powder finish. They last for decades.

For additional information contact Brian Cullen / Fruit & Spice Park Manager at

The organization is a non-profit 501 (c) 3. Your tax deductable donations are used provide support & enhancements at the Fruit & Spice Park.